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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Kodachrome Christmas in 2010 ?

Kodachrome-lovers... here's the latest news. Kodak has finally ceased manufacture of Kodachrome 64 slide film. That marks the end of the 74 year dynasty that, as I think I said in my earlier post, produced some of the world's greatest colour images.

That last production-run will be bought up fast, so don't delay if you want to have a final fling. Steve McCurry will be using one of the last rolls, and donating it to their museum, I understand. See for some of his stunning photos and in-depth view, as well as those of many others in mourning... quite moving stuff.

In their defence, Kodak say that Kodachrome sales are a tiny fraction of their turnover. But then, these past 20 years, they haven't exactly advertised the stuff have they ?

The good news is that Dwaynes in the US are to carry on processing all types of Kodachrome until the end of next year. So you just might be able to cover Christmas 2010 on Kodachrome ! A happy thought.