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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Last Kodachrome

Wednesday, 26th January.
So, my last 16mm Kodachrome film has just dropped onto the doormat. Quite an emotional event. It somehow feels rather like the first time that happened way back in the 1960s. And as exciting.

Posted to Kansas quite early in December, I had been getting a little concerned about the outcome, as I'd particularly taken shots to match the colours of other Kodachrome footage in a film I'm making. Did it get to Dwaynes before the December 30th deadline ? What if... the processing machine had a heart attack ? etc.

I needn't have worried. Apparently, Dwaynes was swamped by other last minute orders for Kodachrome processing. Somebody has quoted these staggering figures SINCE Boxing Day:
35mm 20,564 rolls
8mm 3,565 rolls
16mm 57,655 feet

Hence the delay !!

It would be nice to think somebody at Kodak is having second thoughts about ditching wonderful Kodachrome. But no, that's a pipe dream I know. At least it survived through Christmas 2010. Remember my post of July 7th, 2009 ? So Kodachrome flourished for 75 years, eh ? I wonder what people will think of our pictures 75 from now.